Thursday, February 25, 2021

Blue China


I have not forgotten you my Bloggin' Friends! It's just that my mother's personal life resembles that of a mid-twentieth-century movie star that I am having fun just writing about it. As for my own images, my life resembles that of a fifth-century Christian hermit making up theology in the desert. Who would you want to read about, sunglasses, kerchief, and all? If I want to publish this memoir of Mama I'll have to edit it carefully. These blue designs are inspired by old-fashioned crockery that would be your "ordinary" dishes. I so rarely make a circular design it's nice to try it out again. Grandma, may I have another piece of apple pie?

Markers and ink on sketchbook page, 8" x 7", February 2021.

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Peter Caputa said...

I just picked up what I believe is a print from your mother at an estate sale in Weston, MA. It is signed and numbered 3/20 but not dated. If I had to guess based on the frame, it is from the 50s or so.

I would love to send you a photo of it.

My email is pc4media at gmail.