Monday, May 27, 2013

Dim Den

I didn't get much chance to do any drawing or sketching during my two weeks at the parental home. When I did it was well into the night when the only light was cast by the reddish, faded fluorescent bulbs in the old fixtures. There is nothing less than 20 years old in the house, and many places haven't been cleaned or dusted in more than those years. This iPad sketch shows one of these lights (the round dark thing is the housing) turned against the wall, illuminating a corner of one of my mother's paintings. The couch, covered with fake fur blankets, facing the TV, is where my father spent most of his last 20 years. Now that my father is gone I have begun dismantling his hoards, in which treasures and valuable documents and equipment are mixed in with a lot of worthless trash and dead plastic debris.

"Art Studio" for iPad, May 2013.

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