Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Colors

There was a lot of bright color remaining on the trees when I was in New England. This is a study of some leaves across the street from my mother's house. You can see my sketchy rendition of a garage in the background. The leaves seemed especially bright on grey wet days. By now the leaves are all on the ground. 

This is done, as usual, on the iPad with the "Art Studio" app. This app is especially good for landscapes and nature studies because it has excellent texture "brushes" that simulate leaves, lawn grass, and other plant forms. The only thing I would like from the iPad drawing apps is a "straight line drawing" feature that allows the artist to make straight lines from one point to the next, as is possible in Photoshop. There is some sort of line-drawing feature on the iPad but it usually doesn't work.

"ArtStudio" app on iPad, October 2014.

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