Friday, March 21, 2008

From the Mall to Hell

"Hellish Horizon," done in Photoshop. Click on image for a larger view.

It isn't that much of a journey from the market to Hell. Some weeks ago, when I was shopping at a Giant Foods, I found a turning rack of "Christian" books. I was captivated by one of them, a visionary narrative called "23 Minutes in Hell". The author claims to have had a personal experience of what Hell will be like for those who do not "accept God." His imagery is very traditional, a mix of Dante and horror movies. I am fascinated by visionary narratives of Heaven and Hell, and have been inspired to do illustrations of eschatological scenes. The trouble with my rendition of Hell is that it is not scary enough. As a volcano fan, I would be fascinated with a world filled with black slag, titanic eruptions, and burning lava. And my demonic beings look too cute, or too pretty. I will return to Hell in later posts. 

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