Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Man Standing

Models aren't restricted to just one gender, of course. I haven't drawn too many males in my figure proficiency quest, but I will eventually even out my record. In real life, male models with decent figures are difficult to find, but my model picture books have done the job for me. These two drawings are different views of the same guy. The same suggestions apply to drawing males as well as females: make the figure as graceful as possible with the minimum of straight lines. And I end up idealizing the body as well, so if he has a thick waist, for instance, I've slimmed him down. Almost all the illustration characters I will draw will be idealized (or exaggerated or grotesque), not "realistic."
My figure sketchbook is about a quarter full. When it is full, I might have achieved a minimum of proficiency in drawing people, enough to start working on characters in illustrations.

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