Thursday, July 24, 2008

Creativity Experiments

I got a book called "Keys to Drawing with Imagination" by Bert Dodson. You might think that a professional artist wouldn't need a book aimed at amateurs, but professionals need inspiration too. And I'm often too wrapped up in conservative realism in my art. So I have decided to work through Dodson's book, as well as continuing to draw my figures. The first exercises in the book are "doodles and noodles," where you draw a bunch of shapes without taking your pen off the paper. Then you color them in or add patterns to the shapes you've made. I am using the multicolored marker "crayons" which are for kids but will do fine for my doodles, as long as I keep the drawings in the sketchbook out of the light, and scan them to digital for posterity.
Dodson asks for six doodles. Here are my first two. The theme that has emerged is "flowers and mathematics." You can tell that I've been looking at a lot of Art Deco lately.

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