Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celtic Couple miniatures

Robbi and Curtis were dear friends of mine in the fannish and costuming community. They still are dear friends though they retired to remote Oklahoma where I am unlikely to visit any time soon. When I wanted to give them miniature portrait badges they requested that they be depicted as an ancient Celtic couple. He would be a warrior and she would be a healer with her box of medicinal herbs. Both of them had been in the military where Robbi was a public health nurse and administrator.

I recently spoke to them on the old technology of the telephone and found that they were not in good health, in fact Robbi was bedridden with severe auto-immune disorders. They have only a little money and aren't near cultural opportunities. I tried to convince Robbi that internet overcomes isolation but in her mind it is too impersonal and she won't use it for personal communications.

Robbi and Curtis miniature portraits are the Usual Configuration, December 1986.

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