Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dragon Build

Jessica Peffer's "DragonArt" book takes me through the steps of building a dragon from basic shapes and gestures. These little figures are copied from the "dragon build" that she presents in the book. The more I draw them, the more I will be able to create dragon characters. This is only one type of dragon, of course. Its legs are a bit long, as if it were a mammalian quadruped. But even some reptilian dragons have some features in common with mammals. Real large reptiles like crocodiles or monitor lizards are low to the ground and have short little legs. Dinosaurs had longer legs and I have always speculated that the idea for the Dragon in the first place came from people discovering dinosaur bones. But that can't be true, because dragons appear in very ancient art, long before people knew about dinosaurs. In my "I Can Draw Dragons" unofficial course I will learn to draw and paint both Western and Eastern style creatures as well as the ancient type portrayed thousands of years ago.


Tristan Alexander said...

my only issue with this way of doing it, is that these are very much mamal based dragons and not at all right for lizard based dragons.

Ladysman1234 said...

I think all your dragons look awesome do u mind if I copy this dragon build