Monday, November 11, 2013

Drapery study 1972

This drapery study, a standard art-school assignment, was in my 1972 sketchbook and yes, I was in art school at the time. It was only a summer session, taught by Boston University Art School professors, but I learned a lot. Looking back, I wish I had gone to B.U. Art school full time instead of studying Greek and Latin classics at Brandeis. B.U.'s art school is one of the best in the area and it still insists on a traditional art education, not just computer gimmicks.

The draperies I drew here were part of my daily costume. In those days I was a first-class eccentric. I had a medieval-style monk's robe out of pinkish purple fabric that my mother sewed for me. Over that I had a rough, hairy Moroccan cloak with a pointed hood. I wore this ensemble around the Brandeis campus and sometimes even to class. These are what I used for the study. If you think, "SCA member," (medieval fantasy re-enactor) you would be correct. I belonged to the "Society for Creative Anachronism" in 1973, but didn't continue with them.

Drapery study is ink on sketchbook page, colored with watercolor. About 7" x 11", July 1972.

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