Saturday, November 16, 2013

Green dancer 1972

This composition is from my 1972 journal, while I was at Brandeis University. It sums up a lot of my interests then and now. I have more of those golden treasures you saw in a recent post, and some pseudo-medieval calligraphy saying "Deo Gratias" or "Thanks be to God." That whole journal was filled with my calligraphy, both medieval and Roman. Then there's the green and gold figure in the center, a dancer who is wearing a bodysuit of green and gold, designed by me, which looks more like a superhero's costume than a dance outfit. The action figure of the dancer comes from Eadweard Muybridge's famous stop-motion photographs. I remember that at that time I went to dance recitals at Brandeis' theater. In the bottom rows are a portrait of Saint Augustine the bishop, whose "Confessions" I read at Brandeis. His work was very influential on me and my religious life back then. The portrait is imaginary as no one knows what Saint Augustine looked like. The bishop's miter and vestments are from the middle ages, not Augustine's time. To the lower right is a sketchy portrait of Jesus. Those were my interests at Brandeis at that time.

Colored pencil and some ink on a sketchbook page, March 1972.

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