Monday, April 6, 2015

The Warlock is No Longer Missing

The Stasheff publishers loved my cover art and gave me permission to show the newly finished work on the Blog. So here it is. From left to right: Cordelia and Gregory riding the Unicorn, big brother Magnus on "Fess," the robotic horse, and Geoffrey with his long knife, pointing the way while levitating. All these characters are magical. The four children have set out to find their parents, who have inexplicably gone missing. They go through all sorts of perilous adventures and find solutions with magic and wits.

"The Warlock is Missing" by Christopher Stasheff will be available as an e-book next month.

The sky is wide and empty because this is where the writing goes. The writing has to be big because the image will be shrunk down to thumbnail size on sites or advertising. It prints well and maybe a paper version might be available someday.

Now I must leave the studio and go up to Massachusetts to take care of my ailing 93-year-old mother. I don't know how long I will be away. If I can post an entry here I will do it, maybe done with my iPad. I'll have a lot to do anyway. See you soon if I can.

"Warlock" cover is Photoshop over ink drawing original, 12" x 16", March-April 2015. Click on the pic for a larger view.


Tristan Alexander said...

Kids, I don't know if I have ever seen you do kids before. Nit pic question, why doesn't the "unicorn" have a beard? Glad you got it done and they like it! Are you doing interior illos for the book as well?

SirNolen said...

Here's the link to the ebook on Amazon, in case anyone is curious what it looks like with the titles. And yes, Pyracantha let us use her sketch of Puck as interior art (for an additional fee, of course!). ;)