Saturday, April 4, 2015

Unicorn Excerpt

I'm almost done with the big book cover project. Really, almost done. Until the whole thing is finished, here's an excerpt of the unicorn's head. Other elements in the picture show up in the background, to be explained later. This has been much more difficult than I anticipated,  mainly because of the inconvenient process of changing the "brush tools" used in Photoshop. There must be a way to select out your "most used" tools and keep them handy on the screen, but I haven't found it so every time I use a tool I have to re-create it from the basic version. It's frustrating. At least I got to draw horses. Some of you might not know this but I love horses and would love to do more drawings of them. If it ever gets warmer I might be able to draw some of the equines I see in Virginia's horse country or at wineries. But I don't think there are any unicorns there.

Photoshop, about 4" x 4", April 3, 2015.

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