Sunday, October 18, 2015

Brilliant Autumn

It's been almost a week since I came up to Massachusetts to attend my 94-year-old mother, who fell and broke her hip a week ago. She is still in the hospital after undergoing an operation to repair the broken bone. She is in a lot of pain and can't move well. Also she has moderate dementia so she can't remember information and sometimes can't think well. The only helpful things I can really do are visit her in the hospital and keep the house safe and maintained. She is getting lots of good care, and friends and relatives visit. I visit mother every day. She will be in the hospital at least a few days more and then will go to rehab, probably in the same facility she was in this March, when she fell and broke her knee. The prospects for further ongoing care need to be worked out. I will have to stay for some weeks longer.

Meanwhile I am doing my art work digitally on my laptop. I've been able to put together a digital art workstation on the dining room table so I can continue progress on my current assignments. I also snap lots of photographs with my iPhone which has an excellent picture-taking function. This house with its glorious tree is what Natick, Massachusetts looks like right now. I love this house and would love to live there even though it is located on a main road. 

I will try to put more blog entries up if I can. I have my other art stuff with me as well including colored pencils, sketchbook, and my iPad. The modern artist is well-equipped.

Photograph taken on iPhone, October 16, 2015. Some Photoshoppery has been applied but the colors are not enhanced, this is exactly what it looks like.

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Hodr's Apprentice said...

That's a lovely, quintessential New England autumnal picture! Beautiful shot. May your mother heal swiftly and well.