Sunday, December 6, 2015

Traveling to Etna

It's almost winter and Etna is erupting again. Just recently my favorite volcano, the ever-erupting Etna, put forth a blast of fire that could be seen from the Italian mainland. You may remember that during the 2000s I worked on a graphic novel set on an alternative Earth where psychic powers and modern-technological classical civilization were the norm. This is one panel from it showing the red utility car of my geologist characters with them riding in an expedition to Etna to study its latest eruption. Due to many many circumstances I have not been able to work on this project and maybe some clever friend will come up with a scheme that would allow me to work on it again. The yellowish box at lower right contains narrative text in the original. 

Ink and watercolor with added text on illustration board, 10" x 4", about 2000. Click for larger view.

Note to readers: I am on my way back to the old family house to continue the job of clearing out the place. I'll have computers and connectivity there, I hope. I estimate I'll be spending about three weeks there and return for the New Year. I will try to blogify while I am there but not every day.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Amazing looking, almost photographic in the thumbnail. You really should finish this and have it printed by Endevour like your wine book!