Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Treasure Boxes

This is quite an old picture but the things depicted in it are just now as they were then. The boxes you see against the wall are fine wood modular shelves in an Art Deco style, which are in my aunt's house. They are from the 1930s and belonged to her parents, my great-grandparents. In these boxes are treasures from all over the world, some rare books, and a candelabra you see at the top. My aunt and her husband were antique collectors and at one point specialty antique dealers so they had access to precious pieces, some of which found their way into my parents' house. My aunt is in her 90s now and hopefully she has designated where all the treasures should go or whether they will be sold. I will be dealing with this issue with my own parents' stuff later this month.

The beige-yellow background color you see here is faded sketchbook paper, but I think it looks nice. Black ink on sketchbook page, July 4, 1984.

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