Sunday, March 20, 2011

8 Chains North

I'm back at the wineries now that spring is approaching. This Saturday I visited "8 Chains North," near Purcellville, VA in the northernmost corner of the state. "8 Chains" refers to an old measure of distance, a length of chain, used before the Civil War. They don't have much of a vineyard on their site but they source their grapes from affiliate and family farms nearby. They offered two whites and four reds at the tasting, and I continue to be pleased with Virginia reds, especially their "Furnace Mountain" red blend.

After sipping I went outside for the first drawing time this year and drew this view of their patio and their back yard, including the air conditioning box at right. Baby vines are planted in another section. This winery is less than one year old, so they're just getting started.

Sketchbook page, ink and colored pencil, about 8" x 10".

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regine735 said...

Surveyors still use rods and chains as a system of measurement. So 8 chains would be a portion of a boundary.