Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Featured Item

As long as most of a design is done by hand, the Trader Joe's management doesn't mind my using a computer and Photoshop to do the coloring. The Flyer is coming out again (a pamphlet with descriptions of all the featured goodies) so this time I got to do the larger "Flyer Item" sign. Someone in the main California graphics workshop of Trader Joe's must love Victoriana and Steampunk, because every year the Flyer gets a neo-Victorian design theme. This is for this year's and I've added as much as I can in the graphic style of the Flyer. I have to leave a lot of space in the interior for the lettering. The little owl with the paper in the lower left corner appears on the Flyer and I copied him into my design. Not too many people will know what "Woot" means, but I think it is something an owl would say.

Original drawing is ink on paper, 8" x 6", colored in Photoshop.

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