Sunday, March 27, 2011

Casanel Vineyards

Casanel Vineyards, near Leesburg in Virginia wine country, has some of the friendliest wine people I've ever met. It's run by a family, mom and pop and two daughters. Sipping wine there is like being at home with people who are glad you came to visit. The wine is excellent, too. I spent some time standing at one end of the wine bar, with my sketchbook and pencils on the bar, drawing this while sippers milled about on a busy Saturday. I got to talk with the father of the family, who built the wine tasting room out of a historic farm building and has personally done most of the renovations on the rural site. It's still a new establishment, and the vines are young, but there are ambitious plans for landscaping and more building. Virginia's wine industry is the future.

Drawing is ink and colored pencil, with some Photoshop coloring, on sketchbook page, about 9" x 7". Click on the pic for a larger view.

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