Friday, November 9, 2012

Ink Dragon

I drew a dragon in ink. This is part of a series of dragon pictures that I will be doing for my upcoming show at DarkoverCon. I may do some warriors as well. I am using a style which I haven't done for many years. I call it my "storybook style" because it has often been used by other artists for children's books and mythic fantasy. It is basically an ink drawing colored in watercolor with little or no opaque paint. I like to use brown ink as I've done here. I will color this dragon and its environment in watercolor but first I scanned it in, so I can also experiment on coloring it in Photoshop. Things have changed quite a bit since I last used this style. 

Ink on Fabriano illustration board, 6" x 9", November 2012.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Much better looking than the ones done in photoshop (or whatever computer thing you use). My only real critique would be the wings. Doing dragon wings that are closer to bat wings and have the right stucture looks so much better to me. I know they are "fantasy" creatures and you can do the wings however you want, but to me the more realism you put in, the better they look.