Sunday, May 4, 2014


One of the most important subject matters in fantasy art is "beautiful women." I have tried throughout my artistic life to depict them and most of the time I fail. This is the closest I have gotten to a real pretty fantasy girl. I did it by tracing the figure, a fashion model photo, on graphite transfer paper to my painting board. As I discussed some posts earlier, direct tracing of a photo is considered somewhat "dishonorable" (though plenty of graphic artists do it) and also possibly a violation of copyright. I didn't change anything in the original except the golden color of the girl's eyes. The acrylic painting, though, is all mine. Since this piece will never be published other than here, copyright isn't much of an issue. I would like to be able to generate my beautiful women either from life or even from my imagination like many comics artists do. I especially love the work of Frank Cho, who is one of the best figure artists in the business. He is marketing a "How to draw beautiful women" book which might be just the thing I need, and it is coming out in October of this year. Anyway, I will never give up trying to depict beautiful fantasy women (and men too.).

"Sundreamer" is acrylic on illustration board, 7" x 10", April 2000. Click for larger view.


Tristan Alexander said...

The face and hair on this are wonderfully done, one of your best!

Pyracantha said...

I traced it though…couldn't draw it on my own

Robby Baby Dark Poet of Amour said...

The soft gold tones here lends a relaxed feel to this work, which matches well with the facial expression of the subject