Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yet Another Pin-up Sketch

In the photo archive box that contained my baby and childhood pictures at my parents' house, I also discovered a pack of playing cards which had a nude pin-up girl model image on each card. These were presented under the guise of "artistic studies" if you believe the caption on the box they came in. They were 52 regular playing cards marked with the suit (clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts) and the number or face card in abbreviation. There were not 52 different models but a selection of poses from a smaller number of girls, each one having a set of poses unrelated to what suit or number they represented. There was a set from a red-headed girl, a set from the girl above with curly dark hair, etc. The deck dated from around the mid-1950s and was meant to be a titillating novelty item. But the poses, however tiny they were on a standard card deck size, were perfect for my pin-up quest. I copied this one into my sketchbook journal. I was actually using the deck for "artistic studies" rather than vintage amusement.

Original drawing in ink on sketchbook page, colored in Photoshop, about 3" x 4", May 2014.

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