Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Masque of Pleasure

I experimented with fetish fantasy art in the 1990s. I used conventional nude model poses to create a  twisted concept series set in an imaginary Byzantine empire. In this one, the model's head is covered by a grotesque piece of parade armor. Note the "Moorish columns" in the background, which you have seen before. The drawing was done on rough-textured brown paper which gives the image a granular texture rather than the smooth blends I prefer. 

"The Masque of Pleasure" is mixed media on brown paper, 7" x 10", January-February 1994.


Mo said...

What a great figure drawing! I love the shading and lighting on this and the subtle little details like the gold jewelery and the design on the pillar in the background.

Tristan Alexander said...

Another I have never seen, very nice! Strange and beautiful!