Friday, February 20, 2015

Archangel Michael Patron of Physics

Archangel Michael is the warrior angel, symbolized by Fire and the color red. I conceived of him as the patron of High-Energy Physics such as practiced at Fermilab or CERN. He is holding the Beam of Particles in his right hand and an atom of Neon in his left hand. His wings are made of fire and the background has particle trails on the sides of the frame, and lightning bolts - Nature's high energy physics - in the sky. I made this Michael Chinese, to honor the red dragon (on his tunic) and the many great Chinese physicists of the 20th century. Happy Chinese New Year!

I painted this one during a snowstorm in 1996. Currently in this frigid and snowy winter (especially in the Boston area) I am painting another Archangel Michael, who is quite different, and more traditional, than my Physics Michael. Progress is slow but I am glad to finally be working on it again.

I have not featured my Archangels before on this Blog because I think of them as Quality Art Product, not a By-Product, which would be a more casual, less formal effort. But the Archangels can guest-star on the By-product now and then. Click for somewhat larger view.

Michael is acrylic on hardboard, 11" x 14", January 1996.

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