Friday, February 6, 2015

Space Prayer

In the 70s and 80s I was much concerned with integrating my spiritual life as a Catholic Christian into my other life as an artist and esoteric scholar. One way to connect esoteric thought and Christian prayer was through abstract art, especially space art. This is one of the experimental pictures I made which was meant to convey a state of prayer, maybe even contemplative or meditative prayer, using elements of space art and abstract art. The three blue bars at the bottom may signify the threefold Trinity, while the airbrushed swirls may represent prayers ascending from earth to heaven. I say "may" here because I didn't want it to get too explicit. The vertical white bar, though, is a clear symbol to me of the "path to God" and I used it on some other pieces too.

By the late 80s I had resolved the space/religion/esotericism questions and went on to do other spiritual fantasy art pieces. I haven't done anything on that theme for quite a while though that doesn't mean I don't think of it. 

"Space Prayer" is acrylic and enamel paint on illustration board, 15" x 11", December 1985.
I still have this painting somewhere in my collection, buried in archival stuff.

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