Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Items 2015

I don't do much graphics work for Trader Joe's these days, for various reasons I'd rather not discuss here. But if there is something to be done, I sometimes get the assignment and  this is one of them. I've done this very "New Items" sign year after year, so this is the 2015 version of it. This time I go for the retro-space age look with stars, Saturn, and a little orange rocket plane. The plane (not right in all its details since my memory was imperfect) is "Glamorous Glennis," the Bell X-1 experimental plane which in 1947 was the first piloted plane to break the sound barrier. The test pilot was Chuck Yeager, an American treasure who amazingly is still alive and in his  90s. "Glamorous Glennis" was Yeager's wife and he named all his planes after her. The original Bell rocket plane is now displayed in the National Air and Space Museum

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