Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rust Belt Industrial Patterns 6

Here I am again, back at the abandoned steel mill with Photoshop on my desktop. Or in my hand. I want the Cintiq drawing tablet, which can go anywhere with the quality of a desktop drawing. The iPad doesn't have the drawing power that the Cintiq has. But I don't have $1800 for the mid-range Cintiq either. My Swedish art idol Simon Stalenhag does all his surrealistic scenes on one of these techno-slabs. OK, if someone commissions me to do a digital piece with enough money to afford a Cintiq I would go for it. At the moment I'm working in "traditional" paint, that is, wet acrylic slime.

Brown technical pen ink on sketchbook page, 5" x 4", colored in PhotoRust, May 16, 2015. 

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