Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cloud and Tree Study

"ArtRage" is an app for the iPad (as well as a regular desktop computer) which simulates real paint and paint textures. While in Massachusetts I did an experimental study from memory of the big summer clouds which drift across the sky at this time of year. I love clouds and I can watch them for hours. This study is done from memory rather than sitting outside getting bitten by mosquitoes. The summer has been moist so far and the Massachusetts house and grounds were full of these pests. 

I do wish that the interface between the iPad and the main computer, that is, iTunes, was less complicated. Most of Apple's stuff seems to be created only for sharp young users who can make sense of the mysterious images, multiple pages and blocks, and protocols for saving your work in a format you can work with. For instance why does "ArtRage" automatically save your work in a format called ".ptg" which cannot be read by Photoshop? You have to know enough to go to the "gallery" and find the "export" function (designated by a tiny box with an arrow coming out from it - huh?) where you can choose to save your picture as a .jpg file, before you export it to your main computer using iTunes, when you can find your active iPad icon (another tiny box) that is. Don't attempt to use the iPad and save your work to your main computer unless you are under 25 years old or a professional graphic designer.

"ArtRage" iPad app, July 2015.

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