Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More Wine Please at Otium Cellars

Have a sip on an unusual "Wine Sunday," spent with my Tasting Buddies at the German-style Weinparadies of Otium Cellars, in Purcellville, VA. We enjoyed their off-dry white wines and their rich German reds, Blaufrankisch and Dornfelder. The building you see out there in the greenery is their newly built wine pavilion where you can sit and sip almost all year, even in winter as there is a fireplace in the center of the structure. Otium is one of my Top 5 Northern Virginia Wineries and I love going there. The people are interesting and many bring their dogs, including, during our visit, a beautiful racing greyhound retired from the game to become a beloved pet. Otium also has horses but they were protected from the heat and humidity in their luxury stables.

There appears to be a giant chicken in front of the wine pavilion. This is not a real bird but a folk sculpture of a rooster which is there to add color and humor to the estate. 

Finally folks (folk? reader? Mike?) I am back blogifying. My new computer, at least new to me, is working well and I can get back to processing images and doing digital art and graphics. I will not be blogging daily though since I will be at the annual meeting of my religious group this weekend and then two weeks in Massachusetts with the family and my mother's care and art. July in Massachusetts; I'll bring a sweater, boots, and a rainproof jacket.

Otium Cellars view is colored pencil and ink on sketchbook page with Photoshoppage, 7" x 7", July 5, 2015.

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Mike said...

I very much doubt I'm the only person enjoying your blog. :) Glad to hear your new compy is working out for you.