Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1980s Medieval Lady

As I have said before (when? who cares) I used to frequent "Society for Creative Anachronism" (SCA) events in order to draw the participants in their costumes. Much of this garb was simple and amateur-made, not like the fabulous "cosplay" of modern times. Because the garb was amateur-made, it looked more "authentic" than the operatic attire of nowadays. This young lady, who presented herself as "Lady Gwynedd of Owensrealm," wore a nice 12th-century outfit with plenty of drawing-friendly drapery. She was at an indoor event in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Just a bit of commentary here, folks....we are seeing a lot of atrocities on our screens these days, bloody barbarism and endless tribal and religious conflicts, beheaded bodies and heads on pikes, bandits and warlords and killers, and in other areas plagues that decimate villages and countryside alike. These were all features of the Middle Ages that our SCA players deliberately chose to ignore. 

Original pencil drawing on sketchbook page, 5" x 8", early 1980s.


Tristan Alexander said...

The SCA does not chose to "ignore" the bad parts of the History we recreate, we just try to make a society where those parts are not part of us. As historical scholars (which we all are to one degree or another)we are very well aware of the atrocities and horrors of the Middle Ages. Unlike most modern men, we do learn from the past and try to not make those same mistakes!

Regina Krause said...

I miss being able to wear this kind of graceful and comfortable clothing. In the past I was able to sew most of my own garb. Ahh -- what fun.