Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cintiq first picture autumn leaves's my first color sketch on the Cintiq. Same view as my previous iPad sketch, fall leaves out my window. There were more of them when I did the iPad sketch. I gave up on "Gimp" although my photographer friends swear by it, for painting and illustration it just wasn't working at all. I now have "Photoshop CC" which is only available by subscription, so I paid it all at once for the year the way I do with music sites like "Live 365" and after one failed download it was ready to roll. I can be creative with clouds, yeah. This picture was done with Photoshop on the Cintiq and here is the iPad piece for comparison...

What, not that much difference! I suppose the difference is in the availability of textures and "brush" opportunities, and also some major features of Photoshop which the iPad simply cannot do, for instance ruler lines between two points (very important for architecture) or controllable line-widths with stylus pressure.There's also the easier screen view on the Cintiq, larger than an iPad and not mirror-shiny. I will continue to use both these devices of course. There's nothing like an iPad with a glass of wine at some vineyard paradise although I'm sure I'll be hauling the Cintiq to Wineworld too. But I'd better not spill anything on it! Gadget Management is a major skill.

Photoshop, about 6" x 9", Cintiq image November 27, 2015.

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Mike said...

The Cintiq has a much more painterly quality, especially the leaves.
Now that the technical problems have been dealt with, I hope you're enjoying it.