Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hobbit Brothers

"Haven" was set in what would be around the fifteenth or sixteenth century in our history. It was "sort of Renaissancey." The various species of humanoids found in Tolkien or gaming were present, including Hobbits. But the Haven Hobbits lived modern lives, rather than in holes in the hills. These two hobbits, the Brandybuck brothers, had important occupations in the city. The one on the right with the armor, pointing a finger, was a police chief. The one on the left was a "racing and gaming broker," otherwise known as a high-stakes bookie. They squabbled as to the legality of the hobbit's business, but nothing drastic was ever done by one brother to the other. You can see by the well-decorated simulated hobbit-hole city mansion that the Hobbit brother did well in his business.

Black ink on illustration board, 5" x 6 1/2", July 1984.

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