Friday, September 2, 2016

Stasheff Rocks

The clients, the House of Stasheff, are satisfied with my revision so we are ready to go. This is the major art project I was telling you about. It is the "cover" for the e-book (and possible future paper publication) of Christopher Stasheff's THE WARLOCK ROCK, originally published in 1990. Stasheff, now retired from writing, wrote many series of rollicking, funny tales of fantasy and light-hearted science fiction. The "Warlock" series featured a whole family of magical folks on a world where magic works. This book was a punfest on the theme of "rock music," where the medievaloid kingdom is invaded by a proliferation of singing, noise-making rocks. Wordplay abounds, all of it involving rock music history, artists, song lyrics, or images. In this cover image, one of the family (girl at left) is taken up with the beat while "Fess," the big robot horse, meets a wooden aspirant to a noble steed. In the background is an ethereal electric guitar. Click on image for larger view.

Here are some details: Mechanical horses meet.

Singing rocks are rolling stones.

"Warlock Rock" is Photoshop on Cintiq, 11" x 14", summer 2016. Get your Stasheff e-books here! 

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Jim said...

Love it! I've been a "Warlock" series fan since the early 70s.