Monday, September 19, 2016

Maine Coon Majesty

I'm a cat lover. You might even say I'm a cat captive. So whenever someone commissions me to illustrate a cat, I'm thrilled. My friends Elektra and Michael run a "cattery" (I love this word) in their home, where they breed prize-winning Maine Coon Cats. They are also internationally known cat judges. When they wanted a logo for their business, they came to me and I created a number of concepts, from symbolic abstract modern to old-fashioned pen drawing, like the one above. They chose this one, which I thought was too complex to be reduced in size, but it turned out just fine and you can see it on their website as well as on all their official stationery. The cats in the picture are real cats (drawn from a photograph) whose portraits I depicted accurately. Their website hasn't been updated for a while and Elektra is devoting attention nowadays to writing and publishing fantasy fiction.

Original art was pen and black ink, about 10" x 8", mid 1990s.

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