Thursday, December 15, 2016

Detail of Stasheff cover

I know, I haven't done any sketching because I've been working on the cover art with deadline approaching. Well anyway here's an excerpt from the upcoming cover which I will finish in a day or so. It's one of my medieval architectural fantasies, this one looking rather dilapidated due to the circumstances described in the book (it has been taken over by a vicious cult). There are a lot of autumn leaves in the picture because the story takes place in the fall, also when I was working on the picture. Fall is over and winter has arrived. 

This image was not created with ink or paint or colored pencil. It is all digital done with the Cintiq pen tablet. The marvelous technology (when it works and doesn't obscure your drawing with a pop-up panel) allows you to use inking and painting skills with a stylus on a pressure sensitive surface. I guess you could tell it was digital by the perfect blending of the sky with no texture. Whole "painting" coming up soon.

Photoshop on Cintiq, fall 2016.

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