Friday, December 16, 2016

"Warlock and Son" Stasheff Cover DONE

It's been in the making for two months and finally it's done, my cover for the e-book re-release of Christopher Stasheff's "Warlock and Son." The book takes place in the magical world of "Gramarye," where the Warlock has adventures with his wife and four children. In this book, Magnus, the eldest child now 21, is anxious to leave his provincial abode, get away from his parents, and find something meaningful to do with his talents. Magnus sets off on a quest for adventure, with his nervous father secretly following him just in case he needs rescue. But Magnus doesn't need rescue just from bandits or enemy armies, he is beset by seductive magical women eager to engage him in dalliance. You see the three most insistent here, surrounding him and grabbing his green tunic: a buxom town wench, a wolf-kin forest dweller with the power to send a man into a suicidal depression, and an Elf Queen who wants to lure him into the timeless vortex of Elf-land. Which one of these will finally vanquish Magnus' fear and disdain? Will Fess, the big black robot horse, come to his aid? Will Magnus finally...give in? The e-book will be ready shortly.

All digital, no pen work beyond the initial concept sketches. Photoshop on Cintiq, 12" x 16", fall 2016. Click for a closer view.

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