Sunday, December 11, 2016

Temptresses excerpt work in progress

If you haven't seen fresh new art by-product on this Blog for a while it's because I'm working on a book cover for the Stasheffs. This is the fifth one I've done for them and it's due next week so I'm working hard at it. Here's an excerpt from the cover. It shows two "temptresses" who are there to destroy a lustful, clueless young man who has powerful but unfocused magic powers. At top is a part-alien wolf-woman and below is a buxom peasant maiden who leads him on but loves another. This is not finished and you can see the un - "painted" area which is the image of the young man.

My faces are usually bad but these two aren't terrible. I could do better though. I like the textures that I can get with the Cintiq which is finally behaving except for the annoying pop-up which I guess is inescapable.

Photoshop on Cintiq, 4" x 9", December 2016. Click for larger view.

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