Monday, February 6, 2017

Geometrika Sea Creatures

In the seas of a far-off world are creatures made of light and energy which live in water but feed on sunlight from a radioactive reflection nebula. Through parallel evolution the waves of ultraviolet, gamma, and glowing water have brought forth a blue shrimp and a red tiny jellyfish. Their matter is not matter as we know it but nevertheless they are still creatures of the sea.  Their forms are geometric and have very little mass or weight and their sustenance is radiant energy. This means that they don't have to eat anything to survive, just bask in the violet waves. Is their nature like ours, where living things have to eat other living things for nourishment? Or could they live without taking other lives, since they are fed by the stars and radiation? Current evolutionary theory says (I think so, anyway) that eventually their Fall will happen and they will start eating each other to supplement and eventually increase their energy use. But it's a faraway place and there are lots and lots of options in our galaxy's sea of stars.

Geometrika are ink on sketchbook page, colored in Photoshop, February 6, 2017.

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