Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mid-century Modern Cat

As I've said, I am pretty good at drawing cats. I love cats and visit them often, though I can't have one of my own because I'm allergic to them. The cat depicted here is "Popcorn," who lived with me in the summer of 1986 while his people, my cousins, traveled in Canada and the U.S. My cousins also gave me a cubic-shaped red upholstered chair, styled in the 1960s fashion, which I found (like most mid-century modern chairs) to be quite uncomfortable. Their cat, though, loved it and spent a lot of his time plopped onto it as you see here. The face in the upper left is another sketch of the same cat. Many years later, long after I had dumped the old red chair when I moved out of the area, I found out that Popcorn's favorite chair was worth big bucks in the "mid-century-modern" collectible furniture market.

Black tech pen ink on sketchbook page, 9" x 6", August 23, 1986.

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