Thursday, June 29, 2017

Renovation Roomscape

The management of my apartment building is renovating my kitchen after almost 30 years of occupancy, 25 of them my years. To do this, I and a friend had to take everything, every little dust-covered jar of spices, out of the kitchen. I did this and now everything from the kitchen is everywhere, not counting living room things they had to move to get the heavy bulky stuff across the floor. They replaced the counters, all the appliances (!), the floor, and the cabinets. My oh my what an uproar of hammering and sawing and drilling. The cabinets are not done. Some of them are late in arriving, so more noise is coming. What do you do when your familiar environment is so radically disrupted? Draw a picture of course. That's what I always do. You can see the four circular symbols on the Whole Foods paper bags. Can you find the Ziploc bags? Everything will look lovely soon.

Black tech pen ink on sketchbook page, 4" x 7 1/2", June 28, 2017. 


George Miler said...

I know my landlord wants to renovate. He hasn't said so yet but I dread it. Maybe I can arrange to be somewhere else when the hammerstorm comes. Who knows, a hospital stay may be convenient for him. I don't think my new gastroenterologist shares the nickname "The Perforater" like the one at Nash General. That remains to be seen.

This picture deserves to be called "something" realism. I have my share of Whole Food bags too. The depicted mess gives me a familiar real-life shudder.

Texchanchan said...

Nice picture of chaos. I see the Ziploc bag. One at least. Have to say it reminds me of my house all the time.

George Miler said...

I spotted the Ziploc bag. I can read upside down too :)