Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Exploding Piano

I met Kathleen Supove and her husband, composer Randall Woolf, through my dad's musical network of friends. Kathleen is an avant-garde piano performer who can do all kinds of wild and crazy sounds with more than just the old keyboard. At the time I met her she was just starting out on this career and needed promotional materials. Over the years Supove has done experimental performances in a series called "The Exploding Piano." I designed her a logo and also did this fantasy portrait of her blowing up the black and white keys and polished piano planks. Now, much later, it reminds me of last summer when I hired a specialty crew to dismantle, demolish, and cart away my father's old piano which was no good any more. Kathleen could have done the job more artistically! I don't know what happened to the art I did for her but Kathleen is still around and just as active as ever. She can be found on Facebook.

Black ink on illustration board with plastic transfer pattern, 8" x 10", January 1992.

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