Thursday, June 1, 2017

Daleks invade Earth

Here's another adaptation from the early years of the Doctor Who TV series. This one is not from TV, though, it's from a film version made in 1965. Doctor Who completists duly note this production and place it within their encyclopedic universe.

The biorobotic "Daleks" are probably the favorite villainous creatures of the Dr. Who world. Stubby, ugly, ungainly cones that look like salt shakers, in the early years they were the best that the BBC could do on a very limited budget. The Daleks emitted deadly rays from their nozzles and spoke only one word (at least at first): "EXTERMINATE!  EXTERMINATE!" That is, exterminate life on Earth. Starting with England of course: in the background are the Houses of Parliament.

Black ink on illustration board, 3" x 4", summer 1981.

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