Saturday, January 27, 2018

Princess Herald Knight

There's another fantasy author who has a status almost as fan-pleasing as Bradley or Kurtz, and by now she may have written more than the other ones. That is Mercedes Lackey, who writes about many different magical universes some of which are medieval style and others who have modern "urban" settings. Valdemar, Lackey's most prolific imaginary world, existed in a perpetual Renaissance which featured palace intrigues, tragic heroes, bardic magic, psychic powers, a bit of swashbuckling, romance both gay and straight, and last but not least, magical white horses which bond to psychically endowed humans called Heralds. These chosen folk dress all in white and go around the world doing good and fighting evil.

In one of them a Princess is called to be a Herald and to accompany one of the magical horses, known simply as Companions. I illustrated this small piece in a shameless attempt to attract collectors who loved Lackey, princesses, and horses. The attempt worked as I sold the original and at least one print of it. I wonder if the Lackey books I have are worth a re-read.  

Ink and colored pencil on light brown paper, 7" x 10", April 1995.

By the way she isn't missing her right hand, it's just hidden behind the horse's nose. 

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Texchanchan said...

I could tell about the right hand. Didn't Mercedes Lackey start in fanfic before becoming a professional? Vague memories.