Thursday, January 11, 2018

Winter Sky Tinted Gold

As you can see from my recent sketch postings, the theme I have chosen for 2018 is "Skies." I am always observing the sky, clouds, weather, and the changing color and light. Skies are always in motion and any depiction of a cloudscape is by necessity partly from memory, unless you are copying a photograph, which I don't want to do with these sketches. I am usually not in a position to sit and sketch a fleeting sky moment so all of these are from memory. I will be doing these sketches with markers, in the sketchbook designed for marker work. Some of these markers can flow and blend like watercolor, so it can look really artsy if you want it to. I can always throw in some colored pencil which is mostly transparent. Here's an evening flock of Altocumulus clouds, tinted with the gold of the setting winter sun.

Markers with a bit of colored pencil, 5" x 4", January 10, 2018.

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Mike (Altus) said...

I'm a cloud watcher too, so I'll certainly enjoy your skies theme this year. :)