Saturday, May 12, 2018

Colorforms 5: Quetzal

Once you start the Colorforms game you never know where you will go, at least artistically. I started with the big green leaf forms and added the primary colors in the traditional shapes, the composition looked like a bright green bird with trailing feathers, that is the Quetzal which lives in the tropical forests of Central America. The ancient Native peoples' royalty wore these feathers as crowns and status items. But if I connect my theme only with the bird, then I cannot be accused of cultural appropriation, if there was any reason to accuse me. The extra item in this playing of the game are the lighter green streamers, which depict quetzal feathers.

Photoshop, 5" x 5", May 12, 2018.


Texchanchan said...

When my brother worked at the computer center, a friend of his, an artist, brought in a very dead grackle and flung it down on the scanner, making a flattened view which he hung up with the titla "Quetzal!" Ever since when we see grackles we say "Quetzal!"

Texchanchan said...

Cultural appropriation my foot. It's nature. Nature belongs to everybody.