Saturday, May 26, 2018

More Clutterscapes

I thought I was making progress in clutter removal but in reality I've only moved stuff around. I must get rid of actual material goods  somehow. But now that I have the archive it is full of things which need to be inspected and somehow given away. There are still more photos to be transcribed and most frustrating many of them are in media which are too obsolete to be transcribed, like 16 millimeter miniature film images. May 25 and 26 I was retrieving a concert performance video made in 1991 and I am amazed that my old VHS video player still works. Tech from 1991 might as well be medieval calligraphy. I am not up to date on streaming internet cloud-based media but soon that will be the only way I can get the music I want. Meanwhile, fans of retro are not only collecting old vinyl but they are releasing new vinyl, I don't get that. Many of the media I am working with are badly deteriorated. Photoshop can only do so much. The images you see here are the video cassette of the concert, top image, and timeless garden pots and rocks, lower image.

Sepia tech pen on sketchbook page, 5" x 8", May 26, 2018.


Gypsy Witch said...

Medieval calligraphy is super-cool, I'll have you know! Love the sketch!

pakescorts646 said...
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Texchanchan said...

Yes, we are experiencing a dark-age-like loss of data. Kills me. Written material is best - pencil on acid-free paper - ink runs in water.