Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Autumn Color Blocks

After more than 11 years producing this Blog, I still owe my couple of faithful viewers a different image every day. It's always good to have fresh new art and a place to experiment with Photoshop and other media. The vintage art and sketchbook drawings are mostly for me, a look back into more than 40 years of doing art and what was happening with me at the time that was drawn. So here's a fresh new one respecting the season. Photoshop makes it easy to work geometrically and use repeating patterns and color gradations. I hope the viewer continues to, uh, enjoy my old sketchy stuff despite everything. 

Photoshop, 7" x 10", November 5, 2019.

Two Tanglewood stories from 1972:

One evening on the Music Meadow I found a crumpled up 5 dollar bill on the ground. I wondered for days what I would spend it on. I finally ended up buying a cup of vegetable soup at a local restaurant.

In the arts neighborhood in Lenox in 1972 was still astonishingly safe for young people (even girls) to get around by hitch hiking with passing motorists. Even I did it with no bad effects. In fact...one time I was hitching somewhere and a motorist picked me up. To my amazement, the driver was Seiji Ozawa, the conductor of the Boston Symphony, on his way to a rehearsal session. I said some stupid fannish things to him and departed safely. I should have told him my dad was a composer and could he and the BSO perform some of his music. But I didn't. My father's "Symphony for Classical Orchestra" didn't get played (in its entirety) at Boston until 1991, with the late Andre Previn conducting.

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