Monday, July 20, 2009

Goodbye Poplar Hill

The next day, the last day of my vacation trip, was brilliant and clear and sunny. After a home-cooked breakfast, I wandered in the meadow grounds looking at birds and flowers, and getting soaked with dew. The check-out time was leisurely and I stayed until early afternoon, making this drawing on the porch. This is the last drawing in my vacation series: ink and colored pencil, about 8" x 10".

I keep thinking about the Inn on Poplar Hill, with a kindly innkeeper whose wish is to make you, the guest, relaxed and happy. If there is a Heaven, I hope it is like this, with God as an innkeeper rather than the harsh judge the Scriptures describe. I'd go back here in any season. But I had to leave Central Virginia Heaven and return to Tysons Corner Edge City, which is not like Heaven at all.

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