Friday, July 31, 2009

Space Warp with Craft

I really like blue stuff, almost as much as I like orange stuff. Here's a blue spacewarp with yellow accent, painted in 2004. It's acrylic on illustration board, 14" x11". I showed it at Balticon where it was bought by one of my faithful collectors. Some people didn't like that I put a spaceship in it. They want pure abstraction with space elements. This geometric-space style of mine isn't my favorite thing to do, despite its popularity with my more sophisticated collectors.

This may come as a surprise but I really don't have any great inspirational need to "express myself" in my art. I regard each painting as an interesting problem to solve, and often nothing more than that. Once I've solved the problem, then the painting has no more interest to me and should be sold. The art that comes closest to actually meaning something to me is my Noantri and architectural art, and I haven't done enough of that lately.

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