Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sky Study

The skies over Northern Virginia this summer have been filled with wonderful cloud formations. There is everything from mathematically tiled and regular Altocumulus, to ethereal Cirrus. And of course there are the big puffy Cumulus clouds, rising up into Cumulonimbus thunderheads. These clouds look edible, like cauliflowers or whipped cream or big scoops of ice cream. The sky is enriched by layers of clouds at different heights in which all these "species" can be seen.

Every time I see these clouds I want to paint pictures of them, but when I see them I'm at work or somewhere which is inconvenient for painting or drawing. So I did this image from memory. It's not Photoshop, it's acrylic on blue paper, meant to be nothing more than a quick sketch attempting to set down the wonder and majesty of a summer cloudscape. Size is 10" x 7".

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