Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lackey Herald in Costume

I told you earlier that I had created a number of pieces illustrating the "Valdemar" books of Mercedes Lackey, and that they were all garbage. Well, I found one that isn't too dreadful. This one, titled "Herald in Splendor," was finished in September of 1991. Ink and watercolor, 7" x 10". Earlier that year I had attended CostumeCon (as I did this year) and I had photographed a costumer wearing a Renaissance outfit. He and his garb were my model for this picture. The "Heralds" of Lackey's books dress all in white and ride magic white horses to whom they are permanently telepathically bonded, and they have these cute mental conversations with them. Say no more.

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Tristan Alexander said...

It reminds me of some 18th century portraits. He also looks very not straight (and since the heralds were not always, I guess that is good).
Last post before Pennsic, see you in 2 weeks.